Ann Silvers, Counselor Counselor, Personal & Relationship Coach Ann Silvers, Gig Harbor Counselor

Individual Counseling & Coaching

Finding balance and happiness within yourself

Ann Silvers has developed materials and exercises to help individuals build happy, balanced lives.

Experienced Local Counseling

I have found that most of what people are working through has touched my own life in one way or another, as a spouse (and ex-spouse), a parent, and a human being.  I combine that personal experience with my education and counseling experience to help smooth your way through:

• Fear
• Anxiety
• Anger
• Depression
• Grief
• Stress
• Trauma
• Transitions
• Abuse
• Self-confidence

• Habit change
• Communication skills
• Emotional intelligence
• Goal setting
• Personal development
• Career development
• Dating
• Marriage
• Divorce
• And more ...

Appointments Available

Weekdays • Evenings • Saturdays • Sundays

Ann’s office is near Gig Harbor, Washington, overlooking Puget Sound. Unlike with most counselors and coaches, the length of each appointment with Ann is determined by the client’s needs that day.

Working with Ann, I get to come full circle to completion in each session.  I have enough time.  I don’t have to rush through things. She doesn’t let me go too far & she doesn’t have to bring me back too soon just because an hour is up.

“Prior to meeting Ann, my life was consumed in overwhelming feelings of anger and anxiety.  I’d gone to the doctor to seek help and their answer was in the form of a “happy pill”.  This really only put a band-aid on the bigger problem at hand, and only gave mild relief to my symptoms.  Immediately upon meeting with Ann, I felt quite comfortable discussing my feelings in a non-judgmental environment and was able to make leaps and bounds forward in minimal time.  Since first meeting with her, I’ve stopped taking medication for anxiety/depression.  I can truly say what a relief it is to live life and not just endure it!  I’ve finally found the wisdom, with Ann’s help, to be truly happy for the first time in my life! I’ve found a new outlook on life and I LOVE IT! Thank-You so very much for all we’ve done together.”

Habit Change

Many say that my approach to counseling and coaching offers balance:

Compassion & Challenge

I work to set up an environment where clients feel truly listened to and respected for who they are, and at the same time challenge them to make changes that will help them be happier, healthier, and more productive.

Intellect & Emotion

A male friend assumed I would be "touchy-feely" when he heard that I was a counselor. He tells the story of being pleasantly surprised by my ability to approach personal subjects from a rational, intellectual level as well as an emotional one.

Past & Present

Skill building is an important part of my work with clients. Sometimes, leftovers from past experiences create roadblocks to fully practicing new attitudes and skills. Processing those past experiences can discharge the blockages—freeing you to be the person you want to be.

Serious & Humor

“Humor can help soothe the rough edges of our day or the most trying moments of our life.” (Allen Klein, The Healing Power of Humor)  Traumas, difficulties, disappointments in ourselves and others ... are serious business. Humor can sometimes make the work of processing these easier to face.