Ann Silvers, Counselor Counselor, Personal & Relationship Coach Ann Silvers, Gig Harbor Counselor


Breaking the chains that are holding you back

My combination of counseling approaches and hypnosis helps clients make dramatic changes even when their previous attempts to change have ended in failure and frustration.

Experienced Local Counseling

Through my 25 years of working with communication skills, I’ve successfully used the combination to help people dealing with:

• Quit Smoking
• quit chewing tobacco
• caffeine addiction
• anger management
• stress
• depression
• weight loss
• exercise
• grief
• anxiety
• test anxiety
• performance anxiety
• letting go
• kicking other habits

Appointments Available

Weekdays • Evenings • Saturdays • Sundays

Ann’s office is near Gig Harbor, Washington, overlooking Puget Sound. Unlike with most counselors and coaches, the length of each appointment with Ann is determined by the client’s needs that day. "Working with Ann, I get to come full circle to completion in each session.  I have enough time.  I don’t have to rush through things. She doesn’t let me go too far and she doesn’t have to bring me back too soon just because an hour is up."

I smoked 1 to 2 packs a day for 40 years, and had 3 to 4 unsuccessful attempts at quitting cigarettes.  I was skeptical that hypnosis could help me quit, but, utilizing the tools Ann taught me & her hypnosis techniques I have been smoke free for 3 years.  The experience of quitting was much easier then previous attempts. I didn’t have that will-power battle and irritability I experienced previously. I only had occasional thoughts of smoking and those passed with relative ease.  I’m confident that the tools I learned working with Ann will allow me to stay smoke-free the rest of my life

What is hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy is an efficient and gentle tool to help people make changes at the subconscious level.

Most of what we do in a day, we do on automatic pilot: we don’t think about it on a conscious level, our subconscious triggers our actions.

Trying to change a habit with rational thought alone creates a battle between the conscious and subconscious.  If we don’t succeed to make changes with conscious willpower alone we tend to feel like a failure.

Hypnotherapy to the rescue!  With hypnotherapy we can create change at the subconscious level.  We can get at the subconscious roots for our behaviors.  We can practice desired changes by imagining our self in situations using our desired behaviors.

Usually, we are focused at the conscious level and the subconscious is working in the background.  In hypnosis, we simply flip that temporarily: you become focused on the subconscious and the conscious is in the background.  You are still aware consciously of your surroundings & thoughts.  You’re just not focused on those surroundings or thoughts.  You can get past the busy mind that keeps you stuck and work with the subconscious that controls most of what you do.

“Hypnosis can boost the effectiveness of psychotherapy for some conditions. Another meta-analysis that examined the outcomes of people in 18 separate studies found that patients who received cognitive behavioral therapy plus hypnosis for disorders such as obesity, insomnia, anxiety and hypertension showed greater improvement than 70 percent of those who received psychotherapy alone.”  Scientific American, May 2005, Michael R. Nash and Grant Benham.