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Couples Counseling & Coaching

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I have developed materials and exercises to help couples build happy sustainable relationships.

Experienced Local Counseling

Through my 25 years of working with communication skills; my own relationship experience that includes the good, the bad, and the ugly; and experience helping clients with their relationships; I have developed a program for helping people build satisfying durable relationships.

Relationship Booster™ Program

The Silverstream Unlimited Relationship Booster™ Program usually takes four sessions and includes optional homework.  The length of sessions varies according to each couple’s particular circumstances. Couples sometimes find additional sessions helpful.

The skill-building components of the basic Relationship Booster™ Program include:

  1. Relationship qualities/skills (ie partnership, respect, rationality…).  
  2. How to express yourself with both honesty and tact (the straight talk/tact combo)
  3. How to listen so your partner feels heard
  4. How to consult with each other for decision making and problem solving.
  5. Relationship to-do's learned from years of experience (i.e. apologies that aren’t apologies, replacing “but” with “and”, avoiding absolutes, etc.)

"What a relief to discover that the ups & downs in our household are quite normal, and there are many ways to cope with them."

Couples Counseling

New & Improving Relationships

For couples that are just starting out or who are running pretty smoothly, the Silverstream Relationship Booster program increases relationship durability and long-term satisfaction. 

Couples that are currently dealing with challenges, and even those at a crisis point, are helped through their difficulties at the same time as they build skills that will assist them to deal with future challenges in a new-and-improved way. 

The program has a flexible design, meant to give structure not rigidity, so that each couple’s particular situation can dictate the content and length of each session.

Appointments Available

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Ann’s office is near Gig Harbor, Washington, overlooking Puget Sound. Unlike with most counselors and coaches, the length of each appointment with Ann is determined by the client’s needs that day. As one couple put it, “It’s like we get our own workshop. You teach us the skills and we can practice with our personal stuff without an audience of other participants.”