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I have developed materials and exercises to help individuals build happy, balanced lives and help couples build satisfying durable relationships.

My Practice

My education background includes a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from the University of Washington; Masters of Arts in Psychology, Mental Health Counseling from Antioch University, Seattle; and training in hypnotherapy.

Experienced Local Counseling

My practice involves working with individuals, couples, families and groups. My approach combines many therapeutic philosophies and methods including those that build skills, delve into personal history, focus on current behavior, and draw attention to the importance of social systems and the impact they have on our lives and personalities. Which skills are used at any given time is determined by client needs.

“I feel as if the “weight” has been lifted off of my shoulders, I feel younger and actually do have a lot more energy.  I honestly could not have gotten to this point if I hadn’t worked with Ann to get here.  Working with Ann was great and I highly recommend her to you.”

Counseling Services, Gig Harbor

Appointments Available

Ann’s office is near Gig Harbor, Washington, overlooking Puget Sound. Unlike with most counselors and coaches, the length of each appointment with Ann is determined by the client’s needs that day. As one couple put it, “It’s like we get our own workshop. You teach us the skills and we can practice with our personal stuff without an audience of other participants.”