Ann Silvers, Counselor Counselor, Personal & Relationship Coach Ann Silvers, Gig Harbor Counselor

Domestic Abuse Cycle


Domestic abuse tends to occur in characteristically predictable cycles with the following general pattern:

  1. Tension-building, which may include criticism, yelling, angry gestures, swearing, coercion, and/or “looks”.
  2. Abuse, which may include one or more of the following: threats, throwing or breaking things, and physical, verbal, or sexual attacks, as well as economic abuse or deprivation.
  3. Manipulative seduction or “honeymooning,” which may include blaming others for the abuse, apologies, gifts, expressions of remorse and promises to change, leading only to a repetition of the cycle.

Without intervention, the cycle will almost inevitably continue and grow worse over time, even though months or even years may pass between episodes.